The Desecration of My Nation Anthem

In my school days, we had the prayer and the national anthem in the assembly every day. We also had the national pledge. While I often neglected the prayer and always refused to repeat ‘all Indians are my brothers and sisters’, I always enjoyed the national anthem. It may have been one of my favorite songs. I often got goosebumps on singing/hearing it. Such was my love for it. Somehow patriotism was linked to the anthem. I used to be in attention and I used to do it with such dedication that I used to stop where I was when it was sung.

I happened to visit a theatre in Mumbai for the first day first show of Avengers Age of Ultron. This was a few years back and I saw the national anthem play in the screen prior to the film. It was queer to me simply because it did not seem right. There is a phrase called ‘idam porul eval’ in Tamil which says about the placement of anything and it seemed out of place in the movie theatre. Then the government and the court decided that this would be implemented everywhere and our beautiful anthem could not have been more insulted. My teachers used to treat it as a grave sin if you even moved during the anthem. What is happening today?


Idiots scurrying around for seats during the anthem, morons talking, stupid fellows cramming pop corn in their mouths and munching it during my national anthem. Great job legislators. You brought our crown jewel to a place it had no business in and caused it to be disrespected like it was any common song. While the national anthem still invokes goosebumps outside theatres, it seems empty within the movie screens. While there is more chance of me eating paper and metal than the legislators rolling this move back, it has to be done to preserve the beautiful song that we call our national anthem.

Our kids will need to remember Jana Gana Mana as the anthem and not the song after which the film starts. They need to sing it in attention. Not worry about where they will sit. Many people will have felt this. Many more people will raise voice just for the heck of it and worship politicians. Even the best of us can be wrong and this is a fine example.

Please restore the respect of my national anthem.

Image Credits- Bennett Coleman Inc (Timesgroup)

Author Credits-

v Venkat Raman V

A wannabe writer, wannabe novelist and a wannabe of so many things. Writing a couple of blogs under an alias, writing for a few magazines and writing pretty much my biggest passion. I still prefer the pen and paper method of writing and am one of those young-old men who finds it difficult to adapt to the digital world.

Venkat blogs here and is vocal about the issues that nag him.


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