Body Of Lies

Falling asleep, realise there isn’t anything that is true
Cue in the nonsense of careful concern and compassion
And there you are, humans becoming slaves of each other
Binding themselves, of course, to a body of lies.
Listen to a prayer, to God, to a book recital
False hope in the name of the unknown and the unseen
Oh, where’s the beauty, where’s the charm of this void
Humans, as such, are after all, just body of lies.
Habits and routines, sad and lonely, lead to the grave
Well, it anyway leads to the grave, yeah
Pass orders on our doings and cravings, give points, go on
Cause when one side is house full, the other is never touched
Dare to move there, a body of lies, shall point at you.
Souls are unalike, bodies too, but refuse, yes, to budge
Dreams of narrow pleasures, see light through a pipe
When the sun is blaring down aloud,
All that is needed, after all, is a body of lies.
Tiny fingers emerge on this earth, smiles and cries
Ahead in its path is boulders and underground fire
Places its skin to reach around and search for gold
But will it meet gold, or just, bodies of lies?
Dark spirits surround, mounts you and crushes you
Fear dissing around with you, but you stand and withstand, you do
Refuse to part with yourself, to not separate
But feel whatever you may, it’s just body of lies.
Say the name again, say the name once more
Be the greatest, be the weakest of all
Cause when the end is near
Realise that it’s all just a body of lies.
Image Credit- Pinterest
Author Credits-
B. Raghothaman, a Qualified Company Secretary, writes short fiction and poems occasionally.  He is a fan of the Fan of The Doors, Cream, ARR and the movies.

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