Religion – Made by Man, Made Irrelevant by Man

God is something/someone whose presence has been debated for centuries. Often, supporters of God have had the upper hand condemning and burning the others by branding them heretics. There is also this fight where each one claims a separate God and fights one another. That all being said, is God the cause of all calamities?

There will be people saying it is the fault of man and all that but we need to see the irony here. Religion which was started to create order has successfully created chaos. Religious leaders were people who renounced worldly pleasures in plain context. Today we see them with the most money and history has shown their power and the abuse of it too.

Today, I see more guys questioning the concept of religion. Wars are being fought in the name of religion and its offspring i.e. caste. If all religions preach similar stuff like love one another, be compassionate, be truthful and all that crap, why does nobody ever obey the rules of their religion?


Religion is not something that has defined origins but for better or for worse, it was adopted to keep people in order. When people talk about taking on something more than they can chew, religion comes to mind. Everywhere in the world, from Australia to Zaire (A to Z), religion is a sensitive issue. You can’t talk against it. If something happens in the name of religion, you can’t stop it.

God is supposed to be benevolent when his followers fight in his name. Shouldn’t God be giving these people a slap and ask them to stop spoiling his name? That’s when it hit me. We are raised in a way that makes us forget the true meaning of God. We pay respects/offerings to God when we make a mistake and he/she forgives us. Well if God could be bribed, he/she’d be human isn’t it? The next war on the world’s scale will be for water according to many. However, I, for one, am certain that there will be a global civil war (if at all there is a war) between people of different religions. That war will have no end. It will be Ragnarock or the Apocalypse. World War Z

Is religion really adding to the goodness of the society even now? I understand that people feared God and were once upon a time a reason why people stayed in line. Today? There are just too many religions. People fight the other religion saying one is better than the other. Smart to argue over something that in many forms intends to create peace and whatever else is good. Religion intended to create order now creates chaos.

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‘Religion is the reason, the world is breaking up into pieces’ says a famous song. If God is just one and we simply refer to him by different names, why do we fight for the different names that we use? Man-written books are taken as rulebooks, misinterpreted and wars are waged. People blame it on Islam citing ISIS and whatnot but the blame cannot be shouldered by one religion. There are concealed silent killers as well.

Religion is the easiest way to make money in the current day. Right from little souvenirs to media items, everything about religion is money. Every religious leader now owns a channel. A religious leader is as powerful as a politician in power. Only thing, there is no end of duration for this power. What next? Apparently, their retail business is now expanding to day-to-day items that we use. Awfully clever.

Author Credits-

v Venkat Raman V

A wannabe writer, wannabe novelist and a wannabe of so many things. Writing a couple of blogs under an alias, writing for a few magazines and writing pretty much my biggest passion. Still preferring the pen and paper method of writing, one of those young-old men who finds it difficult to adapt to the digital world.

Venkat blogs here and is vocal about issues that nags him.


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