Marriage, Materialism and Discrimination – Neeya Naana

I can hear the voices people… I can hear them. A blog post from a man about the recent Neeya Naana show, which the whole of social media is fuming about. And that this is definitely a post bashing those women.

Well, well, you are all wrong! In fact, I am going to share my unbiased opinion on the whole show, and the mindsets of the women and parents seated. I have lots of questions to ask meme creators (predominantly men) and also many women. Let’s come to that part later.


I strongly believe that dowry is a social evil, which was – and still is – there. Dowry is considered to be a status symbol for both the bride’s and the groom’s families. If the bride’s family gives less dowry, they are looked down upon. When the groom’s side rejects dowry or gets less dowry, they conclude that the groom is either physically or mentally challenged. The so called society still sticks to the stigma and pulls down the families that are trying to bring a change (like the well and crabs story).

I wouldn’t say dowry is completely eradicated from our society but the number of grooms and their families demanding dowry, have gradually reduced in the past decade, if I’m not wrong. The case with the show is women demanding dowry from family and one woman literally said it out loud – “If the groom or their family asks it’s a dowry, but if we ask it is like a gift.” Well, makes sense but their demands were unrealistic.


If any of you noticed the whole show, women who were discriminated from their brothers demanded high dowry, and one lady highlighted it. True to the fact, many parents, majorly mothers do this. They want their sons to get everything, but they give very less to their daughters starting from education, work and so on. They also inculcate the idea of women being dependent on men. Discrimination from the parents made those ladies ask for unrealistic demands for their marriage. Whether parents are working or not they still bring up their daughters discriminated from childhood. First parents should treat their kids equally.

Marriages and Dreams

I understand that every woman dreams about her marriage. No matter where she is from, which class of society she is from, women dream about their marriage. We respect that, but please have realistic dreams. Most importantly, do not be brats, but learn to understand the financial situation of your house. What irked me was the fact that, most women on the show had expectations way above their financial status. They were hypocritical enough to say that, “their husbands shouldn’t be in debt but their brothers can be.” Wouldn’t the woman who might marry your brother have the same thing in her mind? Shouldn’t you understand this simple thing?


I personally noticed many references were either from movies or TV serials. Well, whoever out there may claim that movies and directors don’t hold any social responsibility, I would definitely disagree, and say they do. Movie being one of the media, and TV another great medium, TV channels and the movie directors should be at least responsible for putting something in the viewers’ mind. I know they are in their respective industries to earn, but that doesn’t mean they should act irresponsibly. On the other hand, these women are influenced by the saas-bahu TV serials, and they start hating their future in-laws and their family, without meeting them or knowing them. Facepalm.

To Meme Creators

I know you guys are enjoying the past four months, with so much content to troll and make fun of. Your memes always bash women. A few things are humorous and enjoyable, but stop generalizing every shit, including women, politicians, Vijay fans and Ajith fans.

Now that you have trolled many women who spoke about their demands, I have some questions for you.

  1. How many of you would marry a woman without demanding a paisa as dowry?
  2. How many of your parents would demand dowry?
  3. Have you ever asked your parents not to discriminate between your sister and brother?
  4. How many you wish for your parent’s property before they die?

First you clean your dirty ass then you can complain or troll those girls’ demands. Hypocrites.

I am very much disappointed with those educated girls who have so much demands. Worst part was, they were not ready to share things with their siblings or understand the financial situation of their families but expect their future husbands and families to be supportive. How great a society have we built?

On the one hand, women are speaking up for their rights, and on the other, there are women who are exploiting their rights. Should we worry about the women of our generation? As one of the chief guests pointed out, women in the previous generation were oppressed but they beautifully tackled, learnt and managed families. This women and men of this generation are so much materialistic, that they are self-obsessed without any inkling of attributes such as understanding, and sharing

Ladies, let’s not exploit the rights! 

Parents, don’t discriminate between your kids!

And meme creators, first clean your shit!

Peace out.

A Sales guy by Profession, Writer by chance. Movies and TV Series are my forte and the recent addition is Comics. Wannabe Movie Director and an Entrepreneur. Self Proclaimed Movie critic and Photographer. Foodie or you can call me Food lover (Old School ways you see). Agnostic,  Startup enthusiast and observer (Too much of thambattam and let me stop here).

Pratip blogs at Realities Around Us and is a regular at the book meets and story meetups in Chennai.


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