The Forlorn Song

Day by day, I endure:
a sweet pain forlorn,
for the love that lives
unfilled and dying.

Prominent like the moth
around the candle it buzz,
I see him smiling,
and I see myself melting.

Yearning and pining,
for a touch of amour,
I see myself waiting.
For don’t know how long!

For he is the hurricane,
wrecking my peace,
for it was never mine,
and would never be.

Author Credits- Karthika Krishnakumar
Karthika Krishnakumar
 Hey, Karthika Krishnakumar here. Someone who is pursuing her CA professional degree and alongside writes for her happiness. Writing is that one that isn’t my strong forte yet I feel even with my imperfect English, I can spin beautifully crafted words. 
Karthika blogs at Hopelessly Precise Musings and loves writing with a glass of wine on a rainy night.

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