“The Talk” of the Nation

This is one article, that I’m going to attract a lot of flak for. But I felt it was a topic that needed to be talked about.

Disclaimer: Don’t read further, if you get offended easily and don’t want to accommodate a different opinion.


Everyone is familiar with the button “I Agree, Enter the Website”. Just kidding. I don’t even know of such a website’s existence. Pornography is like the friend who exists, but you choose to ignore him because you don’t want to associate yourself with him, but you love him in secret.

Why is there a moral stigma attached to Porn?

Somehow, there’s a social and moral stigma associated with anything related to sex and pornography isn’t spared either. Everyone watches porn, but when someone comes out and says “I do watch porn”, the society treats him/her like they’re immoral. This stigma is stronger towards women than men (in most cases). I think this whole thing of “Immorality” is absolutely ridiculous. There’s nothing wrong in watching porn as long as you can differentiate reality from fiction.

Is Porn completely good for the society?

Pornography, like Prostitution, has witnessed a lot of illegal human trafficking and people being forced into the industry. This is a reason why I believe Pornography should be regulated by the government. If it comes into the legal purview, then definitely the numbers of illegally trafficked girls or women forced into this industry will come down, and more people will be willing to work as a porn-star because it is an actual industry. Of course, for this to work, the society needs to change and remove the moral stigma that is associated with the industry.

Argument against legalization

This is the most common argument, I’ve come across, apart from what I mentioned above (Illegal trafficking).

“Porn shows youngsters to be morally irresponsible.”

There’s nothing moral or immoral in porn. Why do we  have to thrust the responsibility of creating good Samaritans on pornography? This is the same with the Film Industry. We, as parents, friends, teachers, elders and fellow citizens don’t take the responsibility of creating morally responsible citizens, but rather we want to conveniently thrust the blame upon the Film and Porn industry. Stalking? Yep. Films have spoilt the youth. Murder?  Yep. Films have spoiled the youth. Rape? “Bro, I’m telling you no, porn is the cause for this!” Absolute bollocks!

It’s high time we took responsibility and became responsible for ourselves than shoving it on industries which are only here to make money.

Like I already mentioned, if you know what’s happening in porn is not real, then you can be responsible.

Why do we turn to Porn?

In my opinion, Pornography is no different from a movie. We watch porn for the same reason we turn to movies. Entertainment. I agree, watching two people do “it” gets boring after a few minutes. It still is something different  and you might even learn something out of it. Added to that, I guess there’s a sense of rebellion when we discreetly close the doors, put on headphones or turn the speakers to a low volume and press Ctrl + Shift + N. We feel, we are rebelling against society (in some cases, our parents) when we watch porn.

How to effectively monetize Pornography?

Like I already said, by legalizing the industry and removing the social and moral stigma attached to it, we can improve the lives of people working in the industry and also attract more people to it.

(You may not understand anything in the following paragraph if you haven’t watched porn)

India is one of the largest consumers of porn. The Indian Porn industry, however, is pretty bad. No one in their right mind would actually willingly consume desi porn. Even if they do, they probably are full of regrets as to why we have such low-quality porn. To those novices, who haven’t watched Porn, think of Indian Pornography as the ‘Made in China’ equivalent. Coming back to the point, I think if we invest in the Porn industry, like how the USA did, with br***rrs or na***hty america, we can definitely get high returns.

I have a dream, that, everything I’ve talked about above, doesn’t remain a dream forever.

With Sanskari greetings and love,

Vignesh Ramakrishnan.

Author Credits- Vignesh Ramakrishnan

10383484_753566058023205_3217910456084873616_n I’m just a teenager who’s passionate about writing, debating and food. Looking to take up law as a career so I can finally tell my parents I argue with them because I’ll be paid to do so. I love learning languages and can speak 6. Proud Madrasi, Tech geek, gamer, Atheist, political observer and wannabe poet.

Vignesh blogs here and is passionate about Networks and Law.


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