Are You Girl Enough Yet?

krishna post


You might be called a Man’s ‘Wife’

But let the World not forget that you are the giver of ‘Life’

For every man who was told to be soft on you and consider you his sister

You chose to be hard not just on yourself but also on him and said ‘Really Mister?’

For all those endless nights spent in individual grandiose dreams of a greater future

Seamlessly alternating to your role in fulfilling the collective dreams of an entire family

You told us, what it was to be ‘independent’ amidst all your ‘dependents’

For every person who told you ‘Don’t! People might stare’

Oblivious to their belief ‘You let down your Hair’

Those silent tears behind the worldly smiles

Talk of many a world shattered by ‘Manly’ guiles

Long gone are the days when you have to grieve

It is time that you wear your heart on a sleeve

To make the world realize…

That a ‘She’ doesn’t merely ‘Compete’

She ‘Conceives’ and ‘Completes’ every ‘He’ in the world!


Dedicated to every wonderful woman who’s made me what I am today.






Author Credits- Krishnakumar Shankar

krishnakuamr  Currently working as a Business Analyst at Cognizant Business Consulting, I have indulged in the fine art of writing for a while now. Having been a part of the Literary and Media Committee of my institute (TAPMI) during my post-graduation, I was actively involved in ‘Content Marketing’ through blogs as well as set up a column exclusively for satire which pretty much busted the so called MBA-myth and the academic system. I like to think of myself as a dreamer with ‘blogs’ serving as a conduit to such dreams. Waiting to contribute on this platform and interact with fellow talented writers.Cheers!

KK blogs at Specter Surmises and is a huge fan of Harvey Specter in the TV series “Suits”, which apparently was his name while in college.


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