The Illuminati


Do you know what or who ‘The Illuminati is? Does it sound very different? Does anyone know what a Secret Society is? If yes, then you will love to read this post. Even if not, you will love it because of human beings curious nature to read conspiracies. The Illuminati is one of its kind.

First let me give you a brief introduction about Illuminati. It is a movement founded in 1776 by a Bavarian, “Adam Weishaupt”.  Bavaria is a German state located in the South Eastern part of the country. Since it was founded in Bavaria, they called it as the “Bavarian Illuminati”. Illuminati is a name derived from Latin which means “Enlightened”.

The Illuminati are Anti-Christ. Some say they are atheist and some others say they don’t believe in God but believe in the concept that nature is the only super power. There are many who believe The Illuminati are against God but believers of Science.

The ultimate motive of The Illuminati is this- they want to bring the entire world under a single ruler which is called as the “New World Order”. The Illuminati are trying to execute the New World Order and friends, please do know something – The series of terrorist attacks around the world is not because a country wanted to capture another, it means something else and The Illuminati are involved in this.

So what happened at one point is that The Illuminati were facing problems since they were against God. People across the country started protests against The Illuminati. The Bavarian Government asked The Illuminati to disband the movement. The Illuminati went underground. From there, the strength of the Illuminati doubled.

It is rumored that all the events were planned by a set of people decades ago and they are executing it one after the other. There are other rumors that The Simpsons was an Illuminati show which subtly showed many future events.

Intriguing isn’t it? We do love conspiracy theories and the above is just the tip of an ice berg. Dig in deeper and who knows what you might stumble upon…

Googler’s Tip- Psst! Look up ‘HAARP’ and the allied theories on Google, they make an interesting read.

Image Credit- Robert Langdon, Angels and Demons- A character from Dan Brown!


Author Credit- Pratip Vijayakumar

Me      A Sales guy by Profession, Writer by chance. Movies and TV Series are my forte and the recent addition is Comics. Wannabe Movie Director and an Entrepreneur. Self Proclaimed Movie critic and Photographer. Foodie or you can call me Food lover (Old School ways you see). Agnostic,  Startup enthusiast and observer (Too much of thambattam and let me stop here).

Pratip blogs at Realities Around Us and is a regular at the book meets and story meetups in Chennai.


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